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Educational Establishment "Vitebsk State Medical College"

Pravda Street
Vitebsk 210015 Belarus
E-mail: vitmedu@vitebsk.by Tel./Fax (8-0212) 26-25-86
Licence №0210070111936 from 29.04.04

Educational Establishment "Vitebsk State Medical College" is one of the most prestigious medical colleges in Belarus. Its history begins in 1921. Archival documents indicate that Midwifery School was opened in 18.05.1921 and in 02.10.1923 it was reorganized in an Obstetrical College. Its address was Vitebsk, Leo Tolstoy, 14.

In March 1924 on the base of this college some courses were organized: pharmaceutics courses for chemists and the courses for additional training for nurses working in children’s hospitals.

In 1963 on the base of Vitebsk Regional Clinical Hospital a medical school was established. In 1966 it was given a two-storied building in Frunze-street, 6. Later this medical school was rearranged in an independent establishment Vitebsk Medical School.

In 1999 Vitebsk Medical School received a license from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus to carry out medical and pharmaceutical educational activities and in 2004 - a license from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus to carry out educational activities.

In 1996 a Faculty of Continuing Education for retraining and additional training began to function.

In 2006 after the procedure of accreditation / certification Vitebsk State Medical School received the status of a college. Now it is the Educational Establishment “Vitebsk State Medical College” and it obtains the right to train personnel with a secondary specialized medical education. From 1997 it is located: Pravda Street 24, Vitebsk 210015, Belarus.

Students are provided with a hostel. Study rooms and laboratories are equipped with modern requirements. There is a library with a reading-room and computers, a conference hall with up-to-date equipments, two computer-rooms with Internet access, a large sports room, a buffet in a college.

Highly qualified teachers use modern pedagogic technologies and all the achievements of practical medicine and healthcare to ensure high level of education for students and the possibility for specialists with secondary medical education to improve their qualification and to get further training. Experienced specialists and their young energetic colleges teach the students to like their profession and to be proud of it.

Educational Establishment "Vitebsk State Medical College" has already produced thousands of qualified specialists. Some of them work as nurses, obstetricians, medical assistants, laboratory assistants all over the world: in Belarus, in the USA, in Israel, Canada etc. The others continued their studies and became qualified Doctors.

New building medical college

The course of studies at Vitebsk State Medical College is of 2 years and 10 months. Academic year begins in September and is divided into 2 semesters. In January there are 2 weeks of winter vacation and in July-August 2 months of summer vacation. The practical training of the students takes place in different hospitals, at sanitary epidemiological stations in Vitebsk. Different extra-curriculums are organized: excursions, shows, sport contests.

The graduates are given the State Diploma as a proof of that they have completed the full course ot the Educational Establishment "Vitebsk State Medical College". Studing at the College one can master the following specialities:

Department Speciality Qualification Kinds of professional activities
Nursing 2-79 01 31
•  Diagnostics and treatment (under the quidance of a doctor)
•  prophylactic measures
•  sanitary education and instruction
•  statistics
•  taking out the prescriptions of the doctor
Therapeutics and obstetrics 2-79 01 01
Therapeutics and obstetrics
Medical assistant and obstetrician
•  Diagnostics and treatment, observations, examinations and rehabilitation of pregnant patients, women in labour, new-borns (under the guidance of a doctor)
•  family consultations
•  taking out the prescriptions of the doctor
Medical diagnostics 2-79 01 04
Medical diagnostics
Medical and laboratory assistant
•  Laboratory examination of a patient
•  working up the biomaterial for laboratory findings
•  preparation of chemicals, nutritions and coloured substances for laboratory findings
•  carring out hematological, biochemical, microbiological, immunological and citological laboratory findings
Medical prophylaxis and hygienics 2-79 01 03
Medical prophylaxis
Medical assistant and hygienist, epidemiologist
•  Medical prophylaxis under the guidance of a doctor-hygienist, and epidemiologist
•  sanitary education and instruction
•  statistics
•  carring out desinfection measures, inoculations, vaccination
Pharmacy 2-79 01 08
•  Pharmacy network of health institutions

College administration



Educational Establishment "Vitebsk State Medical College
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